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Fatafeat Reveals Third Season of MODERN CUISINE to the Delight of Progressive Cuisine Fans | بال فوركس - أخبار وتحليلات الفوركس

بال فوركس – أخبار وتحليلات الفوركس

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Fatafeat Reveals Third Season of MODERN CUISINE to the Delight of Progressive Cuisine Fans

UAE – There is nothing more mouth-watering and exciting than an indulgent meal prepared in an experimental avant-garde style. Watch the maestro Chef Mohammed Orfali as he takes the marvels of molecular gastronomy and modernist cuisine to a whole new level.  Do not miss a single moment of Modern Cuisine which premieres on Monday, 27 November at 22:05 KSA.


Chef Orfali takes culinary experimentations out of the lab and straight into your kitchen. Each episode of Modern Cuisine presents two unique recipes which are artistically crafted to attract foodies of all tastes and preferences. Be ready to approach your meals with an open mind and let your taste buds run free on this new and exciting culinary adventure. Unleash your inner chef and experiment with your ingredients to create the most delicious gourmet meals never imagined possible in the home kitchen before.


Gastronomy is all about discovering, tasting, experiencing and understanding all the chemicals involved in creating an appetizing meal. From appetizers to desserts, get all the insights you need on contemporary cooking with Chef Orfali’s assuring guidance guaranteeing a smooth transition into the land of magnificent taste.


Using special equipment and sophisticated techniques, Orfali pushes the limits of taste, texture and perception, presenting known and unknown recipes in a completely new light. Book up your diaries every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and find out all the secrets to these great home-made recipes.


Chef Orfali is the leading Arab proponent of molecular gastronomy and the movement to incorporate technology and new techniques in the preparation and presentation of food. He is also credited with hosting the Middle East’s very first Arabic gastronomy cooking show.


Feed your imagination with all the exclusive recipes that Chef Orfali will bring to your table and keep up with the master of gastronomy with Modern Cuisine, premiering on Fatafeat Monday, 27 November at 22:05 KSA. Available on channel 351 in beIN packages.

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