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Discovery premieres much-awaited Finding Escobar’s Millions | بال فوركس - أخبار وتحليلات الفوركس

بال فوركس – أخبار وتحليلات الفوركس

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Discovery premieres much-awaited Finding Escobar’s Millions

Doug Laux leans against a wall in the barrio with a stencil of Pablo Escobar?s face spray-painted on its surface.

Dubai, December 2017 – Discovery Channel once again takes viewers on the journey of a lifetime to follow two brave former CIA officers on their quest to uncover the hidden multi-billion dollar fortune of Pablo Escobar – the most wanted man in the world – with the latest series Finding Escobar’s Millions premiering on Thursday, 7 December at 21:00.

In an effort to protect his empire, career criminal Pablo Escobar rushed to bury his multi-billion dollar fortune all over Colombia and years later, the vast majority of Escobar’s fortune remains undiscovered and just waiting to be revealed. With never-before-granted access and permission in Columbia, Doug Laux and Ben Smith take viewers on a riveting journey of investigation.

The former CIA officers, who have already met thousands of fans on tours throughout the Middle East will use their unprecedented access to technology in the quest for Escobar’s millions.

Viewers will have the chance enjoy a showcase of never-before-seen CIA tradecraft skills and exciting interviews with numerous inside sources.

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